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The following related links provide information about writing and writers in Canada as well as related information regarding helping Canadian writers in need.

Access Copyright (formerly CANCOPY) provides protection for authors (creators) and their works, including the management of payments for the use of copyrighted materials.

The Canadian Authors Association is Canada's national writing organization of "writers helping writers" and offers assistance to both beginning and established writers.

The Écrivains francophones d’Amérique brings together writers in search of a place where they can share their writing experiences with their peers. Their goal is to establish a dialogue with literary critics, editors, publishers, translators, booksellers and readers. Founded in 1936 as the Société des écrivains canadiens (Canadian Writers’ Society), it brought together Francophone writers from Québec and other Canadian regions. In 2005, it was renamed Écrivains francophones d’Amérique. This society has spread beyond Québec’s borders and tries as much as possible to reach across the whole francophonie.

The Federation of British Columbia Writers is the voice of writers in BC: supporting, developing, informing and promoting BC writers at all levels of experience while fostering a community for writing throughout the province.

The League of Canadian Poets is a non-profit arts service organization, the national association of professional publishing and performing poets in Canada. Its purpose is to enhance the status of poets and nurture a professional poetic community to facilitate the teaching of Canadian poetry at all levels of education and to develop the audience for poetry by encouraging publication, performance and recognition of Canadian poetry nationally and internationally.

The Manitoba Writers' Guild provides professional and personal support to Manitoba writers throughout their writing lives.

The Playwrights Guild of Canada was established in 1972 and continues to champion the role of the playwright in the creation of vibrant Canadian theatre.

The Public Lending Right Commission makes payments to authors for the presence of their eligible books catalogued in public libraries across Canada.

The Quebec Writers Federation The Quebec Writers' Federation (QWF) is playing an increasingly prominent role in the life of the Quebec English-language literary community as an arts presenter and professional and community educator, as well as the representative of Quebec's English-language writers.

The Saskatchewan Writers Guild is one of the largest provincial writers' organizations in Canada representing writers in all disciplines and at all levels of development.

The Writers' Federation of New Brunswick is a community of writers, both amateur and professional, who strive to develop the craft of writing and who work to promote and encourage the literary arts in New Brunswick.

The Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia was established in 1975 to foster creative writing and the profession of writing in Nova Scotia; to provide advice and assistance to writers at all stages of their careers; to encourage greater public recognition of Nova Scotian writers and their achievements; and, to enhance the literary arts in our regional and national culture.

The Writers Guild of Alberta (WGA) was formed in 1980 to provide a meeting ground and collective voice for all the writers of the province. Our members write in every genre and at every level of expertise. The WGA helps give Alberta writers a sense of unity and community, and is the largest provincial writers' organization in Canada.

The Writers' Trust of Canada is a charitable organization that seeks to advance, nurture, and celebrate Canadian writers and writing through a portfolio of programs, including literary awards, financial grants, scholarships, and a writers' retreat. Writers' Trust programming is designed to champion excellence in Canadian writing, to improve the status of writers, and to create connections between writers and readers. Canada's receive more financial support from the Writers' Trust than from any other non-governmental organization or foundation in the country. The Writers' Trust administers the Woodcock Fund providing emergency funding to professional Canadian writers in mid-project who are facing an unforseen financial need that threatens the completion of their book. Applications to the Funds are processed in confidence by a committee of writers. Successful applicants quickly receive financial support.

The Writers' Union of Canada is a national organization of professional writers of trade books published by commercial or university presses and marketed to the general public.


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